Beneficios AMHVET para Veterinarios

Como médico veterinario que participas en un hospital Asociado a la AMHVET, tendrás acceso a contenido inédito, exclusivo, de alta calidad y gratuito para ti.



Único programa de Certificación Veterinaria que les permita a los asociados ofrecer medicina de mayor nivel a los pacientes, elevar los estándares de satisfacción de los clientes e incrementar la estabilidad administrativa



Tu participación en las encuestas nos permitirá cubrir de mejor manera las necesidades que tienes en tu centro de trabajo para poder hacer tu labor  mas sencilla a través de herramientas de educación continua de calidad, no sólo en el área médica, sino en la personal, profesional y comunicación.


Becas y accesos exclusivos

Tu participación en eventos y encuestas de AMHVET por ser parte de un hospital asociado, te permitirán participar en rifas de Becas y accesos exclusivos para eventos y cursos de alto valor académico.


Educación 365 días

Acceso exclusivo a contenido de calidad que junto con PROCERVET, te permitirá mantenerte actualizado en los temas que te interesan. Todo esto, gracias a la incorporación de tu centro de trabajo a la AMHVET


Oportunidades únicas

Compartiremos oportunidades de internados, ofertas laborales y opciones únicas para ti, en los mejores hospitales del país y en el extranjero

Todos los beneficios, incluyendo la certificación de tu cuerpo médico, será sin costo

1 Asociación
140 Hospitales Veterinarios
2850 Médicos Veterinarios


Esta es una oportunidad para médicos veterinarios que estén interesados en hacer un internado especializado en urgencias veterinarias en el Lakeshore Hospital en Wisconsin, gracias a una invitación de Dr. Samuel Yelin | LAVECCSAMHVET

Los médicos ser egresados de la UNAM o universidades que tengan el convenio con AVMA para revalidar la carrera en un examen con fines de obtener permiso de trabajo legal el USA.

Anexamos abajo videos, links y métodos de contacto directamente con Andrew Linklater, DVM, DACVECC al correo, ningún correo a AMHVET se contestará para esta posición que se ofrece.



Thank you for reaching out to the team at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists regarding our INTERNSHIP/RESIDENCY program listed through the VIRMP.

Program information can be found on the VIRMP website at:

ECC-focused Internship:

Rotating Internship:

ACVECC Residency:

We ask that all applicants submit the following to apply for our programs:

-Letter of Intent

-Cirriculum Vitae/Resume

-Three Letters of Recommendation

-Veterinary School Transcripts

We also ask that all applicants have an interview (may be virtual) with our team. Interviews can be set up by contacting Dr. Linklater. These are most often conducted using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

The requirements of our advanced training program include that the individual:

-Must be eligible to hold or hold a VALID VETERINARY LICENSE in the state of Wisconsin

(This means you must have graduated from an AVMA-accredited veterinary school and passed the NAVLE to be eligible to take the licensing examination for Wisconsin OR if you have graduated from a non-AVMA-accredited veterinary school, you must also have completed the ECFVG examination).


-You must have the ability to work legally in the United States. This means you must be a US citizen or hold a valid work VISA. Applicants from Canada and Mexico are eligible as the work VISA process is quite simple through the USMCA agreement. Information can be found at:

In addition, we wanted to provide you some additional information about Lakeshore and our INTERNSHIP/RESIDENCY program.

You can access our YouTube channel for information (links below). In the first video, Dr. Linklater describes several aspects about the program which will answer many of the commonly asked questions and give you a feel for what we have to offer.

The second video is a virtual tour of our largest, centrally located hospital in Glendale where you would spend the majority of your time. This was filmed by our Medical Director, Dr. Jacob Odders, DVM, DACVS

We are excited that you have considered Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists for your advanced training program. Our team of 4 board certified DACVECCs are here to oversee and mentor individuals in this program in collaboration with our other specialists. We are here to support you through your professional growth and development, and focus on an environment of education and support while delivering cutting edge, quality patient care.

Lakeshore has a long history of a success with our internship and residency programs entering their 30th year! All of our previous house officer team members have gone on to successful careers in emergency or general practice as well as ACVECC and other specialty residencies. Several of our previous house officers have stayed on staff at Lakeshore as part of the emergency DVM team because of the supportive and collaborative environment we uphold.

Lakeshore is also excited to announce that we have recently partnered with BluePearl to be part of their large network of hospitals. This is a wonderful opportunity that will provide additional resources to our already well-established program. This does not change anything with the program, including the terms of employment as listed on the VIRMP.

Many of our candidates ask to speak with some of our current and past interns and residents, and we encourage you to do so. Below is some contact information for some individuals. Please do keep in mind that many of these doctors are working very busy schedules and may not respond to you immediately. Please make the email subject line “Questions about Internship or Residency at LVS.”

We can provide contact information for additional individuals if you desire.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time via phone or email to have your questions answered.

Good luck, stay safe and we look forward to speaking with you!

Andrew Linklater, DVM, DACVECC (he/him)

BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital

2100 W Silver Spring Dr., Glendale, WI 53209